Love, love, love.  Whether you have a honey or not, V’day can bring up feelings of the best of times and feelings of the worst of times and all sorts of emotions in between; good, bad, sad, elation, disappointment, heartache et al.

Today, instead of typical Valentine’s Day blather (you can Google articles on those ’til COVID is a distant memory) I’d like to talk about the idea of a V’Month and celebrate with other things that we can shower love on – that will fill up us and not ask a thing in return.

12 Things to Love this V’month…

1) Nature/fresh air
2) Good Books/movies/podcasts/music (see special link below!)
3) Moving your body
4) Nutritious, delicious, soul food
5) Wonderful memories
6) Learning
7) Being unhurried
8) Great conversations
9) Really good smells
10) A cozy sweater, blanket, scarf
11) Crawling into a comfy bed with freshly washed sheets
12)  Animals and/or creature comforts!
12.5) Insert your line item here __________
Bonus –  Yourself!!

Did you know, The 5 ‘A’ Principles for a Life of Success & Significance is available for you free of charge on Spotify.  Yep, enjoy, I hope you will love it!

Sharing the love with you this V’month. Steph : )

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