Ever been stressed?  lol

There are of course, different types of stress, honing in on what type of stress is causing your angst can help you get over it quicker.

Physical stress is pretty easy to identify, it’s a threat to our physical body.

Mental or emotional stress is a little bit tougher – this happens when we feel threatened. It could be our values, our security, or our well-being or when our expectations aren’t realized. It could also be when we lose control and feel helpless or experience change, even positive change. Major changes in life are stressful and even minor one can cause unpleasantness.

No matter the stress you can respond in three basic ways – resist it, avoid it or confront and adapt to it.

And on the happy side, not all stress is bad. Good stress can make us feel focused, energized, motivated, challenged and aware of options.

Develop an anti-stress regime that works for you.

There is not one right plan for everyone. The best anti-stress regime is one that works for you.

In order to work for you it needs to be:

  • A priority – this is a mindset here
  • Convenient – it has to fit into your schedule
  • Time-effective – it has to be realistic in the amount of time you can commit (20 minutes of what you will do is better than an hour of excuses you will make up to not do it anyway)
  • Enjoyable – choose things that bring you some pleasure, so that it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Develop an anti-stress regime that works for you, it’s one more way you can live, YLU!

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