My name is Stephanie Staples.

They call me a Motivational Speaker.

My ‘job’ is to inspire, motivation and educate people.

I travel all over North America.

I love my job.

I get paid to speak.

My husband says he would pay me to be quiet.


Some people think

I have a perfect life

That I am always happy

That I am always positive

That everything is easy

That I have a lot of self-confidence

Today I am telling you my truth

I get angry

I get sad

I am far from perfect

Every morning I psych myself up

To be some semblance of confident

I get scared

Sometimes I feel ugly and lazy

And overwhelmed and fat and stupid

Sometimes I don’t feel like begin nice

Or inspiring

Or motivational

Sometimes my self-talk sucks

But that’s not how I want to be

I want to be better today

Than I was yesterday


I change my self talk

I tell myself that I am

Smart enough

Talented enough

Kind enough

Good enough

I get out of my own way

And in my own quirky way

I try to make the world a wee bit better

I just wanted you to know my truth.

Thanks for reading.

Stephanie  Staples

Stephanie Staples

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