The other day I was yanking off my running shoes by the heel when a question popped into my mind.

I wondered if most people yank off their shoes or if most people untie their laces. So as I do with many of my life queries, I popped the question into my Facebook feed (feel free to add me, btw).

Dozens upon dozens of people responded, many very passionately, with their answers: Mandatory!, YES!!,  ALWAYS!!! and one response that blew my socks off…”Yes. The untying can be a sacred practice, in pure presence.”


She had my attention.

In an ongoing effort to revitalize myself, mindfulness often pops to the surface and then fades away like a wave.

What if untying my shoes became a new and simple way to be reMINDFUL. I thought it was worth a shot, let the experiment begin.

-When I untie my shoes I slow down.
-When I untie my shoes I feel grateful for my healthy body that allowed me to do the activity that I needed the shoes for.
-When I untie my shoes I appreciate my mind, which allowed me to make the money that I have earned to allow me to buy these good quality shoes.
-When I untie my shoes I can feel appreciation for the labourers who work hard to produce these shoes.
-When I untie my shoes I acknowledge the manual dexterity it took to tie and untie them – not everyone has the use of their fingers like that.  In fact, one of my friends doesn’t even have fingers.

Something I did every day without a thought, is now a tiny sacred moment in my day.

As with everything I write about, I’m not saying ‘do what I do’;  I’m saying take a look at your own world and ask if there is something very simple that you do daily that you could use as a CUE for a reMINDFULness practice.

Revitalizing hope, health & happiness, Steph

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