Here’s my second (since March) in-person event, but still I’m happy, it’s a little more normal-ish, even though we were in a medical clinic waiting room, and even though we had on masks, it was still so nice to present to people in 3D!
The question of the day was: ‘How do I know if I should do the things I think I ‘should’ do?”

When I asked this brave woman for an example she said, “Two things, exercise and taking a course of some sort, I think these are things I should be doing now.”

My answer (with the caveat that I don’t know everything – ) is that there are some things we have to do, some things we want to do, and some things we think we should do. A few simple questions may help place items into the proper bucket.

Should #1 – Exercise. How do you feel after you exercise? How do you feel when you don’t exercise? What are the risks if you don’t exercise? Why does that matter?

She feels great after she exercises, everything is better, easier. If she doesn’t exercise, everything seems harder and she doesn’t feel good on many levels.

End result – exercise is not a ‘should’ for her, it’s a ‘have to.’ She has to exercise to feel her best and live the lifestyle she wants to live. Now we just have to make a plan to fit regular exercise into her life. That’s where your coach can help you.

Should #2 – Take a course. Why do you feel you should take a course now? On a scale of 1-10, how is your stress level on a daily basis? How will your stress level be affected if you add a course on top of your load right now?

She is putting pressure on herself to take a course, her job does not require it. Her stress is at an 8 already – it would be over the top with the added work of a course.

End Result – There probably isn’t a worse time for her to take unnecessary courses. That idea goes on hold to revisit in 6 or 12 months.
How about you? How’s your list of ‘should do’s’ coming along? If it’s getting a little long and perhaps weighing on you a bit, ask yourself some good questions and listen closely to the answers, they might just help you organize your buckets and bring some clarity into your life.

Hanging in together, Steph : )

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