Arghh, it’s December, how can that be
It’s time for the turkey, the dressing, the tree?

The Hanukah candles are already lit
Jake will be climbing on Santa to sit

The pages flew off this year’s calendar it seems
Now visions of lineups and big bills fill my dreams

In days long gone, I was a holiday machine
Shopping and wrapping and baking with cream

When all of my chores where done by October
I was smug, I was cocky, I laughed over and over

Now I get laughed at but I really need a hug
I’m ready to give up and pull out the plug

Tell me being perfect is not worth the strife
Clean house, homemade everything is not my real life

WAIT – shouldn’t this season bring something more
So bring on the dust bunnies, potlucks for sure

Let’s unburden ourselves from the noise and the chatter
Let’s listen to what really does matter

The people we love and hearing them laugh
The sharing of food, breaking bread in half

Appreciating our blessings, our talents, our gifts
Looking after those less fortunate in our midst

It’s funny it takes the last month of the year
To remind us of everything we hold so dear

So inhale, exhale and soak it all in
The holidays are now set to begin

And ready or not, they’ll be here, then gone
So to make memories that last all the year long

Focus not what you put under your tree
Not what you serve, not the money

Focus on being fully engaged
Being in the story and not missing a page

Focus on giving the gift of yourself
Being present instead of being somewhere else

If you do nothing else this season just please believe
that you have the power to make a difference and succeed

I wish you a peaceful, loving, joy-filled holiday season. Steph

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