What’s your favorite type of fun?

Fun’s fun, right?

Well, not necessarily. There’s some discussion about different types of fun and here’s the Your Life, Unlimited version…

F1– Yippee, I love it, it’s enjoyable, I’m laughing, I’m connecting, and it feels good in my heart, mind, and soul. It’s fun thinking about it, it’s fun doing it and it’s looking back on doing it!

F2– Arghh, this is not fun at the time that I’m doing it but when I’m done it suddenly becomes fun! I’m doing it because I’m future casting – I know I will be happy after it’s over, I will probably feel proud of myself for persevering and most likely feel pretty darn satisfied at the conclusion and upon reflection.

F3– Someone else may think this is fun and it very well may be for them, but it’s not for me. Not now, and I’m quite certain, not ever.

In my life, F1 is always welcome, but never seems to come along often enough, sometimes I have to orchestrate it, tease it into being. Some people just wait for F1 fun to come along. Sometimes it’s a long wait. Consider being purposeful, intentional and deliberate and creating some F1 fun in your day, week or at least your month!

Next, F2…

Now F2 is another story! It’s often something physically or intellectually challenging for me. Maybe it’s a tough workout, an event, a class or a lesson. It’s something that doesn’t come easily and effortlessly to me. Presently, learning to climb the rope at the gym was nasty, but getting to the top was awesome! Intellectually, learning Spanish is where my energy is going these days, it’s very hard for me, but when I finish a lesson when I can understand or speak something new, it’s suddenly fun! When I look back on it, typically I remember it as being fun, because the hard work is over!

Oh, then there is F3. Nowhere on my radar is this fun, not while I’m thinking about it, not while I’m doing it and not after it’s done. For me, drum lessons, taxes, and ultra-distance sports come to mind.

How does F1, F2, and F3 play out in your world? This could be a cool conversation to have with your honey or your kids or your friends. It sure beats the ‘what’s new – nothing’ conversation’! It’s worth a bit of time and effort to talk about how to up the fun factor!

Incorporating more fun into your world, it’s just one more way to live, Your Life, Unlimited!

P.S. If you read my e-news/blog two weeks ago about the wand and the speeding ticket I am happy to report they ‘waved’ the second ticket!

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